• Auto Paint Service

  • No collision repair is complete without our quality auto painting service. Whether you need to paint your vehicle's body after a repair, or you would just like to repaint your vehicle, Dick's Auto Body provides services with the expertise you are looking for.

    Your vehicle might need a fresh coat of paint because of scratches and dents caused by rocks, harsh weather, vandalism, or a variety of road elements. The paint is the most susceptible part of your vehicle. A fresh coat of paint will return your car to its shine from the showroom floor.

    Our standard of using the finest quality of paints and refinishing products is one example of the superior services we provide. In our continued effort to go green for the environment and save our customers time and money, Dick's Auto Body is using more eco-friendly, water-based automotive paint.

    DuPont Cromax Pro waterborne paint is a water-based formula that makes painting your vehicle faster and more environmentally friendly. DuPont Cromax Pro automotive paint is different than other water-based automotive paints in that it doesn't require the usual four-step painting process. There's no waiting for layers of paint to dry in order to apply the topcoat, and there's no need to apply multiple coats. DuPont Cromax Pro waterborne paint can be layered on while still wet, saving our paint technicians time. After thorough and meticulous preparation of all areas to be refinished your vehicle is now ready for paint.

    The vehicle is driven into our downdraft spray booth where a quality urethane based paint is applied per factory specification. The finish is then baked on to the vehicle at approximately 160 degrees. This means your vehicle can be returned to you in the shortest amount of time possible.

    We understand how our Holden, Rutland and Paxton area customers feel about their vehicles, and we don't want anyone driving away dissatisfied with our services. You came to us for quality auto repair and auto paint service, and thatís what you'll get every time.