Aphrodite the Beauty (Goddess Girls) by Joan Holub

By Joan Holub

Yes Aphrodite is gorgeous, yet it is not consistently effortless being the goddess of affection and sweetness!

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She 15 was also the youngest, though they were all in the same grade. Athena glanced up from her textscroll. " she asked. " "No reason," Aphrodite said lightly. But as Athena returned to her textscroll, the wheels in Aphrodite's brain began to spin faster than the racing chariot Zeus had driven in assembly that morning. Within moments she concluded that Athena had in fact been hinting that she'd welcome the attention of godboys. And while Aphrodite might be fed up with godboys' annoying antics, she loved stirring up romance for others!

Use this one," she said, pointing to a spell. Then she handed her friend a silver-backed hand mirror. Looking into the mirror Athena read the chant aloud: "Magic mirror, let me see . 26 . "As her words died away, Aphrodite touched the painting to the center of the mirror. " Athena peered at her reflection. Laughing, she reached up to touch her magically restyled hair. "No good. " "You're right," agreed Persephone. " "Looks like you're wearing a beehive on your head," added Artemis. " said Athena, giggling.

Her head writhed with hissing green snakes instead of hair. Their tongues flicked in and out as she poked Aphrodite with one of her long green fingernails. "You were almost late," she sneered. " Medusa and her horrible sisters, Stheno and Euryale, never missed an opportunity to use the awful nickname to make fun of Aphrodite's sea foam origins. 4 "Not really," Aphrodite muttered. She wasn't about to admit she'd overslept. It would only give Medusa another reason to poke fun at her. Probably with jokes about her needing lots of beauty sleep.

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