Annals of Systems Research: Publikatie van de Systeemgroep by Mauk Mulder (auth.), B. van Rootselaar (eds.)

By Mauk Mulder (auth.), B. van Rootselaar (eds.)

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Transient Phenomena in Multiphase and Multicomponent Systems: Research Report (Mitteilungen der Senatskommission zur Beurteilung von Stoffen in der Landwirtschaft (DFG)) (2000-09-18)

Because of the bolstered chance and safety-analysis of commercial vegetation in chemical and energy-engineering there was elevated call for in for additional info on thermo- and fluiddynamic results of non-equilibria in the course of powerful transients. as a result, the 'Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft' initiated a different learn software concentrating on the examine of temporary phenomena in multiphase structures with one or a number of parts.

Quantitative Narrative Analysis (Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences)

Protecting a couple of disciplines, together with linguistics, literary feedback, laptop technology, and records, this publication illustrates writer Roberto Franzosi's particular method of the quantitative research of huge volumes of narrative texts. the writer bases his strategy on a rigorous linguistic idea of narrative, instead of the ad-hoc technique general of content material research.

Operations Research in der Produktionspraxis: Ein Handbuch für den Praktiker (German Edition)

Die wissenschaftliche Unternehmensfiihrung hat in den letzten fiinfzehn Jahren neue, erfolgversprechende Wege eingeschlagen und deshalb auBer ordentlich groBe Bedeutung erlangt. Abweichend von den Erkenntnissen und den herkommlichen "Oberlegungen, die den RationalisierungsmaBnahmen vorangegangen sind, werden heute Probleme mit Hilfe mathematisch-statisti scher Methoden mit wissenschaftlicher Griindlichkeit untersucht und gelost.

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There is nothing that precludes that an internal and external transformation coincide upon the same object. Whenever the C set of a transformation object is left unaltered, we can speak of a relational transformation. It is clear that two types of relational transformations can be distinguished. In the first type, type-I relational transformations, the L set remains identical but there is a change in the R set because relations are stated for a different (larger, smaller, or partly or wholly replaced) set of object combinations for transformand and transformate.

5. National project group Global Dynamics, coordinated by O. Rademaker, Techn. University Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Two publications: verslag 1 and 2, 1972. 6. , Book Review of Forrester's World Dynamics, IEEE transactions on Aut. Control, volume AC-18, no. 4, August 1973. Figures 1-5. The optimal solutions for several cases. The time scale is given in years. The dependent quantities P, CI, NR, POL are normalized with respect to their initial conditions. These normalized quantities are provided with a subscript n.

An exception for the period of 120 years is that UNR > 0 for quite a while. The reason is that with UNR == 0 throughout the whole period, we would get NR(2090) < 0, which is not possible. In our model this is prevented by means of the function F 6 , which makes a correction when NR becomes small. As mentioned in section 5, we only know that a local optimum has been obtained in all cases considered. However, the use of other optimization techniques [5] makes it very likely that the solutions found are indeed globally optimal.

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