Analyzing Talk in the Social Sciences: Narrative, by Katherine Bischoping, Amber Gazso

By Katherine Bischoping, Amber Gazso

Talk is among the major assets on hand to qualitative researchers. It bargains wealthy, significant information that may supply actual insights and new views. yet upon getting the information how do you decide a suitable technique of research? How do you make sure that the procedure you undertake is the easiest to your undertaking and your data?

The ebook can help you decide suggestions for qualitative research that most sensible fit your examine. It walks you thru key judgements, presents actionable online game plans and highlights the benefits and demanding situations of the most ways. it truly is packed choked with genuine examples designed to exhibit different instruments you could use to fulfill your personal objectives.

Each portion of the booklet specializes in one well known method for studying talk-based data:

  • Narrative Analysis
  • Conversation research
  • Discourse Analysis 

Taken jointly those sections may help you to fine-tune the hyperlink among your basic examine query and your equipment; to make sure that your theoretical stance suits along with your equipment; and to cause via your research in a fashion that would be recognizable to the highbrow groups of narrative, dialog, or discourse analysts.

This publication is either start line and map for any social scientist seeking to strategically and purposefully examine speak data.


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One of your doctoral students intends to do research on understanding the experience of surviving cancer. You’ve never been completely satisfied with how you’ve been analyzing data. You do the same things you always do and, frankly, you’re bored. What would you do in each of these scenarios? Our answer is that you should read this book. We wrote it for our advanced students and for researchers like us, for those curious about how to use new approaches and for those who are overwhelmed, exhausted, stuck, or confused and in need of help – quick help, not the kind of help where you realize you’ll have to read hundreds of books and articles to get some purchase on what your options are.

In Scrabble, letters materially ground the words we can possibly construct, just as economic and political circumstances ground the discourses to which we contribute. Your performance in Scrabble hinges on what is made discursively available to you by preceding moves in the game: as a skilled wordsmith or a three-letter wonder. Likewise discourses constrain or produce possibilities, setting conditions on their agency. Further, playing the game of Scrabble and life well involves performing according to norms – or the Scrabble dictionary – or risk being disciplined.

With these understandings in hand, you can be confident and crafty, meaning to have good craftsmanship, in adopting analytical strategies that best fit your theoretical leanings and research interests in a particular project. There is considerable freedom and even fun to be found in eclecticism. We write as sociologists. This means that throughout the book, we are inevitably drawn to strategies that speak to one of the central concerns of our home discipline: the relationship of the individual to society, what is sometimes called the micro–macro link or the relation of agency to structure.

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