Advancing the Frontiers of Simulation: A Festschrift in by Christos Alexopoulos, David Goldsman, James R. Wilson

By Christos Alexopoulos, David Goldsman, James R. Wilson

This Festschrift honors George Samuel Fishman, a founding father of the sector of machine simulation and a pace-setter within the disciplines of operations study and administration technological know-how. The papers the following span the idea, technique, and alertness of machine simulation.

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I assumed that Bob would pick the subject and that there would be a standard textbook for it. ” I said that I would do that in the spring semester, and that was agreeable. That Fall, I lectured three times a week to three or four students on spectral methods. J: So this was the Fall of 1970? G: In the spring semester, I taught the simulation course. During the fall semester, I had looked at the potential textbooks, but none struck me as acceptable in the methodological sense. The closest one was Tocher’s book.

I wrote one on statistics, he wrote one on languages and another on modeling alternatives, which I regard as one of the best papers in the simulation literature. That paper formalized the difference between the event-scheduling approach, the process-interaction approach, and the activity-scanning approach. I adopted many of those concepts in my 1973 book on simulation. Most of Phil’s papers never became academic publications. Some of mine did. As to the balance between languages and statistics, there’s no question that when I came into the simulation field, the emphasis was on language.

After the San Diego meeting, I gave talks at several universities. Maryland’s business school and UNC’s newly established Curriculum in Operations Research and Systems Analysis expressed interest. C: But the Curriculum was still housed within the Statistics Department. G: No. The previous year, Jim Gaskin, the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, had established the Curriculum as a separate academic entity. C: And they were located in the Phillips Annex? G: Yes. Originally, Jerry Gould was the chairman, but by then he had departed for the University of Chicago, and Jack Evans was the chairman.

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