Advances in Solar Energy: An Annual Review of Research and by D. O. Hall, P. J. de Groot (auth.), Karl W. Böer (eds.)

By D. O. Hall, P. J. de Groot (auth.), Karl W. Böer (eds.)

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Transient Phenomena in Multiphase and Multicomponent Systems: Research Report (Mitteilungen der Senatskommission zur Beurteilung von Stoffen in der Landwirtschaft (DFG)) (2000-09-18)

As a result bolstered possibility and safety-analysis of business crops in chemical and energy-engineering there was elevated call for in for additional information on thermo- and fluiddynamic results of non-equilibria in the course of powerful transients. for that reason, the 'Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft' initiated a unique study software concentrating on the research of temporary phenomena in multiphase platforms with one or a number of elements.

Quantitative Narrative Analysis (Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences)

Overlaying a couple of disciplines, together with linguistics, literary feedback, desktop technological know-how, and data, this e-book illustrates writer Roberto Franzosi's specified method of the quantitative research of enormous volumes of narrative texts. the writer bases his strategy on a rigorous linguistic conception of narrative, instead of the ad-hoc method regular of content material research.

Operations Research in der Produktionspraxis: Ein Handbuch für den Praktiker (German Edition)

Die wissenschaftliche Unternehmensfiihrung hat in den letzten fiinfzehn Jahren neue, erfolgversprechende Wege eingeschlagen und deshalb auBer ordentlich groBe Bedeutung erlangt. Abweichend von den Erkenntnissen und den herkommlichen "Oberlegungen, die den RationalisierungsmaBnahmen vorangegangen sind, werden heute Probleme mit Hilfe mathematisch-statisti scher Methoden mit wissenschaftlicher Griindlichkeit untersucht und gelost.

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3. 93 The result is that, as in the EEC, surpluses are a problem. In 1985, the government's attempts to curtail production by providing grants for farmers to idle land were only marginally successful in reducing the wheat crop, and stocks continue to rise due to reduced consumption. 3 Mt, the lowest for 5 years, but year ending stocks will rise over 10% from the previous year (and 36% from 1981-82) to 42. '7 Mt. 59 10,865 from wine Total alcohol derived from other agricultural products Total alcohol from agricultural origin h1=:100 1: EFRIO=10 countries of EEC.

Kennedy, 1963 "The profound comment of our era is that for the first time we have the technical capacity to free mankind from the scourge of hunger. " Dr. Henry Kissinger, 1974 "We believe that it is indeed possible to end world hunger by the year 2000. More than ever before, humanity possesses the resources, capital, technology and knowledge to promote development and to feed all people, both now and in the foreseeable future. By the year 2000 all the world's people and all its children can be fed and nourished.

Since about 1975, there has been a trend for the sugar on the world market to be residual: the stock that remains after agreements and preferential trade arrangements were fulfilled. Some of the sugar is disposed of in "counter trade". For example, Cuba barters about 3 Mt (two-thirds of total production) with the USSR in return for oil and other commodities. 5 Mt under its quota system at even higher prices. 127 Sugar has a unique system of support under the EEC's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

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