Adivina quién soy by Antonov S.A.

By Antonov S.A.

Riddles for kids

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Sometimes other arrangements are put in place that are judged to bring about the same outcome.

There have been increasing challenges to the tendency to misrepresent disabled children as tragedies or burdens and a greater consensus about the need to be vigilant in protecting the disabled child’s right to dignity and respect in all situations (Beresford 1994; Goodey 1991; Hevey 1992; Ward 1997). Disabled children’s perspectives A theme that is embedded in this book is the importance of listening to parents and appreciating their perspectives and wishes. As we have suggested, this approach has been emphasised in research and policy for a considerable time.

They regarded them as children first and foremost and therefore sought experiences that they saw as being integral to any child’s birthright and development. These were quite often difficult to come by and arranged only at some cost. Other studies report that parents worry about not giving their non-disabled children enough time or attention and feel that the opportunities and activities of their non-disabled children are restricted by the necessity to organise many features of family life around the disabled child.

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