A designer's guide to: Innovative linear circuits : as by Jim Williams

By Jim Williams

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The first fourteen minutes of the climb leading up to the trailhead are not overly strenuous, but once one sets foot on the trail itself, it switchbacks hard and fast up the mountain. The rapid ascent almost instantaneously puts a runner in oxygen debt. The worst is yet to come. As the summit is approached the trail steepens so much that the runners must scamper, bound, or, if the will is broken, walk over increasingly high steps that tax your lungs and make your quads burn and quiver. Of the climb, Batliner steadfastly says, “You’re hurting.

What is interesting is the element of choice. It is Slattery, Reese, and Roybal lead Blondeau, Johnson, and Elmuccio. 14 CHRIS LEAR Lear 012-059:Lear 012-059 1/5/11 1:22 PM Page 15 ingenious of Wetmore that he does not dictate what they will be shooting for, but that he lets them decide what they hope to achieve. It is their choice. Once they elect to aim high, they are effectively empowering Wetmore to train them as hard as he sees fit to take them to that level. If they complain, he has but to remind them that they are the ones who decided they wanted to excel, he is merely following their prerogative.

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